FAQs on Flight booking

FAQs on Flight booking

We continually pick up awards for the things we do well. We're proud of what we've achieved but most of all; we believe that these recognitions demonstrate that we are delivering what our customers need.

Q. How do I register with Fore Vacations?

Ans. It’s easy to register with Fore Vacations. Just click the Register link on the top menu and complete the form. Although one does not need to register in order to book or search. You can complete the online booking process, and next time just use the same email address.

Q. Why should I register with Fore Vacations?

Ans. Online Hotels are nett & non comm. and offline packages will be commissionable to you.

Q. Can I use this site immediately?

Ans. We don’t force you to register. However, if you register with Fore Vacations we save you the trouble of repeatedly typing your details when you make a booking. Additionally, it also opens the option to receive great travel deals from us via email before anybody else. You will always be aware of the great travel deals timely.