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We hope to bring in the best service standards to the Indian travel industry and aspire to become one of the top ten Travel Companies in India. Along with bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers.

B2B Representation

Fore Representations operates as their client's B2B Sales or market representation office generating and handling travel trade and/or consumer enquiries and their fulfilment. The account team works directly with the travel trade to increase awareness of, and interest in our clients.

B2C Representation

Integrated Marketing The company also provides a variety of marketing services on a retainer &/or à la carte basis such as;
Marketing audits Research, customer profiling, logical framework exercises, feasibility studies.

Research & Development

Just because you like it, I like it and your Aunt likes it doesn’t mean other people will like it. Investing money in to campaigns without a good indication that its going to work (and not figuring out if it has in the end) seems silly – which is why we like research.

Media & Public Relation

With a core business of public relations and B2B sales/market representation, our clients include destinations, hotels, tourist attractions, tour operators, airlines and related products (travel insurance, websites, food & wine, health & beauty), we develop creative PR campaigns specifically tailored to meet our clients'.

Marketing Service